MoPub banner ads causing app redirects without user input


Hello Community,

One of our apps use banner ads using MoPub SDK on iOS, and very randomly an ad would redirect user directly into AppStore without any user interaction, did anyone ever face such issue?, I can probably anonymise the logs and share them later, but before I wanted to hear your thoughts on how to address this.

Thank you !


I’m in a similar boat. I’m getting banner ads that somehow are triggering full screen pop ups. Of course, there is no user interaction with the banner and it’s happening automatically. I’m 90% sure they’re coming from marketplace, but it’s difficult to say exactly where they are coming from when you mediate a bunch of networks. Only way I’m able to track down the offending ads is by trial and error enabling and disabling certain networks until the pop ups stop.

Something needs to be done. Banners shouldn’t trigger pop ups period.


Hi @gam3r @Derek,

Thanks for reaching out with your concerns! Please be advised that we have a very strong Policy against auto redirects and popups. We have already taken a number of preventative steps in addressing them.

If you are on an older MoPub SDK, we highly urge that you update to our latest SDK release. This is because we have made several updates to prevent popups and auto-redirects from happening when served from the MoPub SDK. This means the update will stop popups and auto-redirects not only from MoPub Marketplace but also from any Server to Server or Custom Network (JS) that you may be working with.

Our Support Team will also be happy to review your Charles logs replicating the issue so we may further investigate the escalated creative. Please make sure to share the logs as an attachment with a description of the issue to so our team may better assist you with the problem.


Hi, I got the same issue quite a while. We check it recently, it look like come from Mopub’s Marketplace.
I tried to send an email to to request help. But got no reply.
Do Mopub team still running ? My app also just added banner ads…but why will suddenly popup a fullscreen video ads without user interact with the banner ? And every time it happen. the same full screen ads will popup 3 times in really short time…it look like just a bug. Please anyone can help ?


Hi - what is the email address that wrote into Also what date? We’ll take a look at this.