Mopub ad doesn't show when using personal ad unit id



I’ve integrated Mopub into my Android project using Fabric. I can get the full screen ad to show when using the test id.

But when I use my personal ad unit id for the ad, it does not work.

I believe I have set the ad up through Marketplace on Mopub’s dashboard, but maybe I am missing something?

Here are the error logs:

D/MoPub: Failed to retrieve GPS location: access appears to be disabled.
D/MoPub: Failed to retrieve network location: access appears to be disabled.
I/MoPub: Ad failed to load.
D/MoPub: Interstitial load failed: No ads found.

Ads cannot show properly before the app published

Hi @vikzilla,

This error message usually indicates that MoPub could not find demand to serve in your app.
You most likely do not have access to Marketplace: please check in your accounts settings that your payments details were correctly entered.

If you need to further help, please contact us on and include the email you use to log on to MoPub.



For my full screen ad it says:

Thank you for updating your payment information. You will be able to receive ads from MoPub Marketplace once your account has been approved.

What do I have to do to get it approved now?



Please reach out to and make sure to provide your app store URL if you already have your app published. They will be able to expedite the process for you.


So does the app need to be in the app store to show ads from MoPub? If so, how do I test before submitting to the app store?