MoPub account suspended without warning for 2 year account


I’ve been a MoPub user for over 2 years and tried to login this morning but I get the following error: “Your account has been suspended due to a violation of MoPub’s Terms of Service or Supply Side Policies. For questions on eligibility, please contact”

I have never had any issues before and have never even received a warning in the two years I’ve been using the ad mediation service. I’ve already emailed the policy email but haven’t heard back. All my apps are no longer receiving ads causing me to lose out on revenue every day this goes on. If there is a problem with an ad supplier then why not say so and let me disable/remove them? None of my apps are violating any thing, and are not directed at children. What could it be? Can someone assist?

Account Suspended but no help provided

You will need to contact for assistance - we are unable to help with account issues via these forums. Thank you.