Mopub account stopped working, no ads being served


For the last month Mopub has stopped serving and mediating ads for my apps. On 23 October suddenly my apps stopped receiving any ads from Mopub and from all of my mediated sources (iAd, Admob etc).

Also I an unable to log in to Mopub. When I enter my login information it just loads the login screen again.

I see from a previous thread that this happened to some others and Mopub fixed it for them. Can someone at Mopub please urgently take a look at this?

I have tried to email Mopub and received the following case reference:

Case #: 24203689
System Reference: ref:00DA0000000K0A8.500G000000pxUPH:ref


hello @manofham, did our support team follow up on this case number?If not, we can follow up and confirm once you provide your account email.