Monthly price of Premium plan and Enterprise plan?



Monthly price of Premium plan and Enterprise plan? Can give me related material? Thanks!


The pricing depends on the product you’re targeting, and the volume you expect to consume / call. What are you trying to build, and what features do you need?

Currently, for premium 30-day search the pricing starts at $149/month (scaling in tiers to $2499) and for premium full-archive search it starts at $99/month (scaling to $1899). Both APIs have free sandbox access to a more limited range of calls and features. Once you’ve been through the application process you’ll see the pricing options directly listed on the developer dashboard, including what features and how many calls you get at each tier of access. This topic shows more detail on the difference between the sandbox and premium tiers.

There is a wider range of enterprise products beyond just search, and pricing is again based on usage, with a fixed annual subscription (not month-to-month billing). To discuss, go here to reach our account teams.

These developer forums are intended for discussion of technical issues and questions about how the platform works. For further information on the products themselves you should use the developer website as we are unable to go into detail on pricing questions on these forums beyond what I’ve explicitly stated above. Thank you.