Monitor tweets and trigger emegencey alert in any area/city/country


Hello Everyone.

Basicly I have an idea for a project that I just started. the project goal basically is to monitor the tweets in any area/city/country and detect any abnormal words (Breaking news, earthquake, flood …etc) and alert users about it (using SMS, Whatsapp…etc)

My approach right now is the following:

  1. Consume twitter streaming (statuses/filter) and set the location (bounding boxes)
  2. Break each tweet to words
  3. Calculate how many time a specific word mentioned per minute and calculate the average every 10 minutes.
  4. monitor the average and alert about a word if it is above the average PLUS monitor the “total per minute trend” and alert about the word if the trend is going up for the last 5 minutes.

currently it’s working for me (to some level!)

I’m planning to release it as open source hopefully after doing the necessary tests to validate it.

my questions for your are:

  1. What do you think about the idea? do you know any application available to do the same ?
  2. What do you think about my approach ? any suggestion?
  3. Based on twitter streaming with bounding boxes, it will only show you tweets with GPS enabled, I feel this is not good because a lot of other tweets in the same area/city is not captured, what do you think?
  4. Any better idea to capture all tweets in city/country without using GPS?
  5. Do you think the free twitter streaming API will be good for this or I need statuses/firehose