Monitor and count hashtags and mentions


I am brand new to this and what I am trying to do is run a promotion with a hashtag where I follow the hashtag and when people mention certain keywords, a tally is created and shown so users can see the results live


Use the Streaming API with a filter track keyword matching your hashtag / keywords. Then in your code, count the Tweets as they come in.


thank you so much…I apologize for my ignorance as I am brand new to this. When you say in my code, count the tweets as they come in, how do I do that and where would the counts show up? If you could provide me a snippet I can probably modify it.

for instance.

Let’s say I am tracking #craftbeer

and I want to count mentions of sierra nevada , lagunitas , Ballast Point and IPA but does not double count if they use a brewer and IPA in the same tweet

I would like a counter that tallies the mentions… could you send me a snippet that does that and then I can modify from there?



I can save you doing some of the work as I’ve actually built what you’re talking about! :slight_smile:

I’d love your feedback, just login with your existing Twitter account, create your Campaign and go!

You can check out the tool (in beta) here:

If you have any questions then let me know.



@SocialOpinions, what about the 1% limit rule, does it apply to your solution? Is there a solution that can capture all tweets, provided that traffic volume is low?

I guess my question is related to the problem reported in this topic:


Hi @joaoarau,

The 1% limit does get applied at the minute during these early stages, I have a windows service that I throttle to ensure we don’t breach rate limits as well. Shortly I will be looking to get access to the entire firehose via gnip though.