Moments Redirecting To Website URL's


First of all, I apologize for choosing such an ambiguous ‘category’ for this topic. The twitter ‘developers platform’ is quite new to me, and I was unsure where this conversation belongs.
That being said, I have noticed that moments, and ‘trending’ terms often redirect to webpage URLs.
I have not yet figured out how to do this, and creating a ‘moment’ is often not as customizable, and consistently limits the volume of text allowed.
How is it that one can create a moment that redirects to a URL, that it might be labeled as a moment, but just as customizable as my own hosting server?
This would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
Devon (@hippyactivist)


Sorry but at the moment Moments are not a part of the developer platform, there is no programmatic access to Moments, and I’m not sure what you’re asking for - the best source of information on this topic would be the Twitter Help Center section on Moments. Thanks for your understanding