Modify card's author



I would like to modify the card’s author linked to my website. How can I modify a profile once it has been approved?



Try the twitter:site or twitter:creator tags.

If that doesnt work, update the page to show you own it, i’ll delete the entry and you can re-submit via the validator.




Thanks, so where can I edit twitter:site or twitter:creator tags?


Happy to help. What CMS are you using? If it’s Wordpress/Blogger/Tumblr, you can view here:


Wordpress. I was using the settings on SEO by Yoast but now I tried with JM Twitter Cards. Same thing, I have set up the website twitter profile but when I try on the validator the “twitter:site” is still my personal account.


Give me the URL and I’ll look. May also be our caching.


It is


I’ve changed it to TheWebMate, if thats what you wanted.


Thanks,just the twitter:site right?
How long does it take to change?


This is what I see now. Is it what you wanted?

It’s driven by the following tags:


Hi, yes it is. It is working properly for a week.
Thanks for the support!


i’ve made some test with the website: with my personal account,
now that everything is working fine i need to change the account associated to this website
to this account @oaz_al.

Thanks for the support


Confirm this change.


Have you tried using the twitter:site or twitter:creator tags?


thanks for the help… yes i have the metatags with the creator @oaz_al and also the site meta but is not updating


Our system caches the tags. Can you try this?