Modified tweet intent -- which icon and how to call it?


I have a search functionality for tweets and I want to provide a modified tweet button in a web application for the search results. Basically, it will be a tweet intent. I will prepend the phrase “via @myusername” to the end of the original tweet and the user will be able to modify the text and submit it.

Is it OK to use the retweet button for this intent (it’s not strictly the official retweet, and the text is a bit modified). If not, which icon should I use, reply?



I wouldn’t recommend using the retweet button for the reason you mention. Instead, I recommend indicating that it’s a brand new tweet – however you want to indicate that. Failing that, a reply icon may be most appropriate.


Hi Taylor. Thanks for the answer. I guess I can use a custom icon which signals that it is a modified/new tweet (after all, reply icon wouldn’t make sense from a UI perspective).

Can I use my own icons while displaying the tweets?

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