{id}/status/{tweetid} not working



I’m running into an issue today with{id}/status{tweetid} urls. It redirects you to a “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist” message if you reference by id instead of username.

For instance this doesn’t work
But this does

Maybe something changed? I’ve tested it on multiple devices and browsers and it’s pretty consistent.

Any help would be appreciated!



What specifically are you trying to retrieve, and where are you finding / generating these URLs?

If you are using the API, you should be hitting with the GET statuses/show/:id endpoint. We don’t support the use of web scraping techniques and these are not guaranteed to work.


Thanks for the reply Andy! I just realized I posted in the wrong forum, I meant to post this in the Streaming API forum–but it might not be relevant.

From the streaming API we are getting the user ID and the tweet ID and then we just use those to generate the link.

It doesn’t seem to be an issue if you use the username instead of the ID, but everything I read indicated it was probably best to use the ID since users frequently change their usernames.



Aha! I understand now :smile:

Unfortunately the web endpoints are not supported from an API calling perspective, so if that method no longer works you’ll have to resolve the user ID to an @handle by calling the API to do so.

You could also use the oEmbed endpoint to just pass in the (unique and unchanging) Tweet ID to generate content for display.


Ah, gotcha! I will definitely look into the oEmbed endpoint.

Thanks for your help Andy!


Desktop has always worked for me no matter the username value e.g. and it looks like mobile will as well. It’s odd that having the userId causes a 404.


I thought so too, that’s why I at least wanted to bring it to someone’s attention just in case it wasn’t intended.