Mobile Twitter Cards 'shop now' button visibility Android vs iOS



Is there an issue with iOS version of mobile twitter ads? Why does it not show the ‘Shop Now’ button like the Android version? Any help on how we can fix this would be appreciated, thanks. Both using latest version of the Twitter App.




Are you creating these cards programmatically via the API, or via the dashboard?

You can raise tickets for support with Ads issues via the Help link at the top right-hand corner of the dashboard. These forums are specifically for users of the Ads API (and the Cards category is for those using our dev cards, not the Ads formats)


Hi @BigBounceUK ,

As you can see here: POST WEBSITE CARD


The website_cta parameter has been deprecated and will now be ignored in rendering of this card to users.


Wow, Sorry @andypiper I didn’t see your answer.



Hi Andy, yes we are using via the ads dashboards. Apologies for posting in the wrong place. I will take your advice.


Hi Hector, thank you very much for your help here. Muchly appreciated.

Kindest regards.


Ha - looks like you’re more on top of this than I am :smiley: thanks for the info!