Mobile Redirect Fails If First Login Fails


I am having an issue with authenticating through the mobile site. It redirect to a page that says:
“Sorry, that page doesn’t exist”. The url of the page is:[TOKEN]

So it looks like that form prepends the mobile url onto the url that we need.

Repro steps:
This should be reproducible on a mobile phone or emulating mobile in a browser

  1. Start authentication on a mobile app.
  2. If login sign out and try to login with no username or password
  3. It redirect you to a different looking layout to login on mobile (has a yellow Login button).
  4. Use valid login credentials and click login.
  5. It should redirect you to a url similar to the one listed above.

How do I go about getting this fixed?



Are you actually using or are you using the documented


I am using


Hello, we are having the same problem with login flow in Windows Phone WebView (IE11).

  1. Login page is opened
  2. Invalid login details are provided, and are sent to
  3. User ends up on which redirects to
  4. After user provides correct login info, he is taken to which redirects to https:/ / and shows him the mobile Twitter website

redirect_after_login URL ends up forgotten and login to our app fails.


Can you provide an example URL we can test, as well as the specific mobile platform/browser you tested on?


I have encountered the same problem, here is my sample page,

The problem can be reproduced only when using mobile browsers(with mobile user agents), with veiw’s process

Hope to get this problem solved soon :frowning:


I have the same problem in all my sites ( ).
And some users have reported that can’t login with iPhone, using correct username and password.


We also have the same bug repported. Some users of iphone and ipad can’t login with Twitter.
It seems for some user that the login fails when they use and incorrect username/pw the first time. If that happens, there is a redirect to a not found page, and afterwrads it is not possible to login anymore.
We have a life website and we have had to remove the Twitter login!

Please check this issue asap.