Mobile Number not working



Hi, I’m trying to link my mobile number to my twitter account here in the uk but unfortunately it’s not working. I type the number, through the twitter account on my mobile and it says ’ ‘There was an error sending a text to your phone number’ but it still comes through as a text with the code. But unfortunately no screen for me to type it in. Similar issue online and says ‘The phone number you provided has the wrong format.’ Can anyone help?


I have the same issue here. Overall it is very disappointing that there is no way to get the API credentials without this piece of fail of a mobile registration. Last week I received a different error, today I’m getting another one - always receiving the SMS but no way to use it somewhere… If I wouldn’t need this for my project I would totally ignore Twitter for that mess and highly disappointing “support”! Obviously there is no other place than this forum to get some kind of human feedback. It is really disappointing that you’re basically forced to use Twitter because of its popularity and then have to deal with this terrible API registration.


Hi burzum, I feel your pain with it !! I managed to get it to work in the end. By using my landline instead which is an option… then un-clicking any message notifications which I assume come through as a phonecall ! hope this helps and good luck !


The best thing to do in cases like this is to use our Platform Support forms to request assistance.


BoatingWales I’ve tried that now as well. Now I’m getting no error message and it brings me to the page with the verification code form. But the pretty funny and silly thing is now: No error message but also no confirmation code arrived… I’ve tried to click resend after ~30mins and now I’m getting for the very same number the error “The phone number you provided has the wrong format.” I’ve then tried to click on cancel and was redirect to and got a message “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” Seriously!? Why is a big company like Twitter not capable of getting this done without that much trouble!? The whole mobile verification process seems to be a complete bug infested disaster!


I’ve already done that yesterday and still waiting for any kind of a response… Just activate that API for my account please!!!


The reason that this process of requiring mobile numbers for developer accounts is in place, is to reduce the risk of spammers and other bad actors creating large numbers of accounts and apps, and to keep the platform a safer place for everyone. It certainly is not perfect or ideal.

These forums are for developer discussions around API issues. While I understand that this is a developer issue - you can’t create an app without the mobile number registration - the developer relations team here also don’t have access to account information, so we are unable to make changes to your settings. I’m very sorry that you’re frustrated and that we haven’t been able to assist via the support channel as yet.