Mobile conversion vs. lifetime mobile conversion metrics?



What is the difference between the metrics reported under the MOBILE_CONVERSION and LIFE_TIME_VALUE_MOBILE_CONVERSION metric groups? Is the latter the same thing as the former, but over the entire lifetime of the object? In which case, how do date params and granularity affect the metrics returned for LIFE_TIME_VALUE_MOBILE_CONVERSION? I.e. if you look up metrics for a promoted tweet during a 7-day period with granularity hourly, will that returned lifetime values up to each hourly point? Thanks!


MOBILE_CONVERSION values are always related to the timeframe specified by the campaign, and LIFE_TIME_VALUE_MOBILE_CONVERSION is basically the entire aggregate data from the Mobile Application Conversion Tracking partner the account/app is set up to use.

The Lifetime Value data is meant to track Twitter-acquired users across their entire lifetime. Meaning that if an install was attributed to Twitter, you will see all conversions for that user on a campaign level, even after the campaign has ended