Mobile App Promotion ~ App Selection


Is there a way in the Ads API to get the list of mobile apps that are promotable within an account?

I can go to the following page in the Twitter Ads UI:

where :account_id is the account’s Id… and see a list of apps and whether they have a conversion tag set up or not.

I don’t see a way to get this list via the Ads API.

I thought I might be able to use the app_lists endpoint, but this endpoint seems to be used only for selecting app lists to exclude for campaigns that have TAP / Publisher Network as one of the placements types (EXCLUDE_APP_LIST targeting).


@chris_august7: We don’t currently have any endpoints that support this. The only way to manage apps is via the Twitter Ads UI, as you mention.

We’ll submit a feature request for the functionality you mention. Could you briefly describe the use case and provide details on what adding this would enable for your clients? This information will give us context when reviewing the request.


Hi @juanshishido,

The use case is to provide a UI / UX that is as good as the Twitter Ads UI, when selecting a mobile app to promote.

It would be preferable if users could see a list of apps that are configured for their account, along with whether those apps have been configured with conversion tags.

Currently, we will have a text box for AppStoreIdentifier & a dropdown for OsType. That could lead to user error when entering the AppStoreIdentifier or other support issues that we’d need to troubleshoot.




Great! Thanks, @chris_august7. We’ll include this information in the ticket.