Mobile App Install Guidance Required


Hi Team, Can you please guide me on the Mobile App installation conversion tracking? Also, share the list of platforms - both paid and free, where I can track the number of mobile app installs


Hey @HolaaServices - are you looking for conversion tracking of your app through campaigns on Twitter or through ads on MoPub?


Hello Bonnell,

We are looking to drive mobile app installs via our Twitter campaigns. Now, I am not sure whether we should implement conversion tracking or not. If yes, through which platform?


Perfect, in that case, you can use Answers, from Fabric, for Mobile App Conversion Tracking. The first thing you’ll need to do is setup Answers within your app. You can do that from here: After that you can follow the guide on Android or iOS here for setting up Conversion Tracking.


Thanks for your swift response Bonnell. What is the use of MoPub then? Is it a mandate for me to set up MoPub account for tracking number of mobile app installs.?


MoPub is used for a variety of things from monetizing within your own app to displaying ads for your app in other places to drive installs to your app :slight_smile:

You don’t need to setup a MoPub account to use Answers Mobile App Conversion Tracking.


Thanks for sharing the information Bonnell. Should I have any further questions, I shall contact you.