Mobile App Deep Linking Not Working After Adding Tags (Anything Else Required?)


Our web site is not showing the mobile app deep linking on our cards even after updating our website to include the appropriate tags for certain pages. For example, tweeting the following page ( does not link:

<meta content='Pose' name='twitter:app:name:ipad'>
<meta content='Pose' name='twitter:app:name:iphone'>
<meta content='Pose' name='twitter:app:name:googleplay'>
<meta content='402272154' name='twitter:app:id:ipad'>
<meta content='402272154' name='twitter:app:id:iphone'>
<meta content='com.pose' name='twitter:app:id:googleplay'>
<meta content='pose://items/3200807' name='twitter:app:url:ipad'>
<meta content='pose://items/3200807' name='twitter:app:url:iphone'>
<meta content='pose://items/3200807' name='twitter:app:url:googleplay'>
<meta content='' name='twitter:url'>
<meta content='photo' name='twitter:card'>
<meta content='@pose' name='twitter:site'>
<meta content='Rebecca Minkoff Bag and J.Crew Vest' name='twitter:title'>
<meta content='"Casual Canary on #details" by sidesmilestyle' name='twitter:description'>
<meta content='' name='twitter:image:src'>

The pages all appear valid and even show ‘Mobile App Integration’ as green when using the validator tool. Some of the pages that work include Any ideas?