Mobile added, but message is still there - "You must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile before creating an application."


Guys, I am seeing that some of you had problems registering mobile numbers and there was a workaround offered.
I do have my mobile registered and verified, but am still seeing this error. There was a post in “Websites” category about it but no replies.
Hoping to get some feedback here! I have also submitted a ticket, but maybe community will have an answer quicker?

Big thanks to all!


I am having the exact same issue. I have a registered phone number, but when I attempt to make a new application it says I need a phone number. I hope this is resolved

+1 for common issue.


Whoops, I should have searched first.

Yep. Same here having this issue.



Guys, I submitted a ticket to support as per suggestion in this post and the team whitelisted my account, so was I able to get through. Hope this helps!


I am experiencing the same issue, hour of life wasted so far. Hopefully we get a response here from someone who knows what’s up.


Same issue here, rather annoying.

You must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile before creating an application
Error You must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile before creating an application. Please read for more information

Apologies - this is being looked into.


Same issue for me as well :frowning: Was just about to post a message here, but seems a lot of people beat me to it :wink:




The same problem.
Some people say you can do it by the mobile browser, and a lot of people say it worked… but it’s not my case…
I tried with pc, with mobile, with some numbers phones…


Same here.


I should also add that I tried verifying multiple times and now Twitter tells me that I’ve exceeded the number of text messages and to try back in 24 hours.


Same issue over here. How do I solve it?


Same here, two different phones validated, two days delayed…


Yeah same problem here. I added my phone, and then even tried to change my password in hopes of getting some things refreshed but still can’t create applications. :cry:

My phone is registered with my account but I can not create apps

Same thing here. I deleted all cookies, changed browser, and tried on both pc and mobile phone. The message still shows up. It seems not just me experiencing the problem.


Is this how the forum works? Everyone says it isn’t working & twitter support says we are working on it? Great update. At least we know it will be fixed some time in the future after you looked at it long enough. Is there any updates available as in how long should we shelve these projects whilst waiting for access keys? Wouldn’t the best option be to REMOVE the mobile phone requirement to get an API key?


Twitter application creation is a total disaster, I wonder whether Costolo´s exit will be enough to save YOUR jobs because those who added the mobile phone verification should be gone too. Mobile already added to profile, still can’t create new app.


Are you serious? “This is being looked into?” Can we know a little bit more? People are losing money, because of this stupidity!


I too have the same problem. The thing is we’ve got a school project to do for Monday using the Twitter API, so there’s that


Same thing for me too. Quite frustrating.