Missing with "organic" audience_type



Hello Twitter community,

I’ve a developer access to the ADS API. I’m trying to fetch audience insights for “organic” audience_type without any success. The https://ads-api.twitter.com/4/insights/accounts/:id/available_audiences endpoint refers I can only access to "audience_type": "ALL_ON_TWITTER" while via Twitter’s UI I can most certainly fetch Organic audience insight on my followers.

Would appreciate the help here.



Could you please provide us your Ads account ID here? as well as that response you got.




Account id: 18ce54nl2go
Response: [ { audience_type: 'ALL_ON_TWITTER' } ]


@jrsyo Any news about this please?


We’ve having some trouble trying to replicate this issue. Could you provide the full request/response bodies for this call?



Hi @imit8me ,

Request URL:

Response payload:
{ data: [ { audience_type: ‘ALL_ON_TWITTER’ } ],
request: { params: { account_id: ‘18ce54nl2go’ } } }


@imit8me @jrsyo @carmenjyuen

I added this account as administrator to another Twitter account to have access to its account_id please see requests and responses below (both account should have access to organic audience):

curl "https://ads-api.twitter.com/4/accounts"


Request /available_audiences
curl "https://ads-api.twitter.com/4/insights/accounts/18ce54uurg6/available_audiences"


On top of that we cannot test other AUTH users as we are limited to a single AUTH due to the ADS API (although documentation states that we should have permission to up to 5 auths).

It’s been 30 days since I initially reported this issue and we cannot proceed with our development without it. I will appreciate your assistance on the matter

ADS API sandbox can’t be accessed as well; cannot POST account for example.


Doing some digging here and it looks like this could be potentially a permissions issue. For example, when making this request as the Full Promotable User (@ravsvixx) does indeed return results:

twurl_ads -X GET "/4/insights/accounts/18ce54uurg6/available_audiences" | jq .

  "data": [
      "audience_type": "ALL_ON_TWITTER"
      "audience_type": "ORGANIC",
      "interaction_types": [
      "audience_value": "985105796894572546"
  "request": {
    "params": {
      "account_id": "18ce54uurg6"

As for the other issues, I’d recommend creating a new thread for separation of concerns.


First of all thanks for the reply.

Second, if it is an issue of permissions how exactly we should continue testing and developing our service over the ADS API?