Missing tweets from user timeline



I noticed I’ve been missing tweets from user_timeline when fetching tweets for a user. I noticed when I’m not logged in, the same tweets are missing from the normal twitter interface when I visit that user’s timeline. When I log in (to an account that has no connections whatsoever to the user whose timeline I’m looking at) the missing tweets show up on the timeline.

Any ideas? Anyone run into a similar problem? I don’t care much about the missing tweets when I visit the timeline on twitter.com, but I need all the tweets when I make the API calls.



If it’s user-specific, post the screen name etc.


I don’t know if it’s user-specific yet, but this is the easiest example case I’ve found so far:


This tweet shows up when I’m logged in (without any connections between my account and the modernmeds account) but doesn’t show up when I’m not logged in.

https://twitter.com/Modernmeds/status/ 613403902067798016

Sorry about breaking the link, my account is new enough that it yelled at me for trying to post more than five links because of all the links that get added if I actually link to a tweet.

As far as I can tell, there’s nothing special about that tweet.


Yeah that’s a pretty serious bug. I didn’t compare to the API, but the website itself definitely has the bug. I wonder how commonly that occurs.


Actually, there is.

I just retrieved it using the API, and it turns out that it contains a scoped object - which means that it was promoted using the Ads API, and targeted to a specific location.

Depending on whether you are logged in and your location, the Tweet may not appear in a Timeline.