Missing Title Attribute for Widget iframe?



I’m pretty new to using these widgets, and know next to nothing about javascript, etc. I’m using Firebug for Firefox to check the html on my site. The iframe with id=“rufous-sandbox” generated on my site (homewiseplumbing.ca - The iframe disappears when I remove the Twitter block), and at https://twitter.com/settings/widgets/new, does not seem to have a title attribute, and I am wondering if this is intentional. I get negative feedback from some SEO tools for the lack of title, regarding accessibility.

I see a previous post re the same or similar issue, but the thread is closed. Perhaps I’m missing something? …Title attribute missing from iframe widgets

FYI, I’m using the Drupal Twitter module (https://www.drupal.org/project/twitter), so I hope I’ve come to the right place.

Timeline widgets missing title on "rufous-sandbox" iframe

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Just circling back on this, I can confirm that a fix for this on timeline widgets was deployed recently.