Missing Summary Card images and multiple outcomes when repeatedly testing a single page with the validator tool



Our site was validated for Twitter Summary Cards yesterday and the cards now show up in tweets. However, images don’t.

When I use the validator tool to test a sample page I get mostly errors, although sometimes I get a card preview with no images and occasionally one with images.

When it doesn’t work the validator says: “Server error, please try again”

When there’s no image is says: “Failed to get a proxied URL for the image.”

Let me stress that I’m using the same test page, just refreshing that validator tool, and this results in different outcomes.

Our images are currently all 96x96 which is above the 60x60 minimum.

Here a URL that I’ve been testing with: https://tockify.com/unwomenwatch/34/1373515200000 There’s nothing special about it, I’ve had similar results using different pages from our site.

Can you help or at least let me know if you are experiencing stability issues.



I am also getting this…