Missing ReTweets in search/tweets.json



We are aware that in case of many retweets the search result can be incomplete, but we searched a single tweet with just 6 RTs, still the API results returned only 4 RTs.

Is there any reason for that?

This is the example: https://twitter.com/rockaxiz/status/1105573906298163207

Thank you in advance for your help


The search index is always going to be incomplete. If it helps, you can back-fill retweets to an extent, with
https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/tweets/post-and-engage/api-reference/get-statuses-retweets-id.html - but you can only ever get 100 of the most recent ones per tweet.

Alternatively, the premium search seems to have slightly better coverage (although i haven’t tested this)


When Twitter says that the “search index is always going to be incomplete”, does it mean that both tweets and retweets are missing, or can we say that mostly retweets are missing, while the original content is covered, at least for mid-low volume queries?


not really sure about proportions of missing tweets in search (though i would like to know that too), this is what i’m going by:

the Search API is not meant to be an exhaustive source of Tweets. Not all Tweets will be indexed or made available via the search interface.