Missing Promoted Tweets



Why am I missing specific promoted tweets?

When calling the following end-point:
I find that I am missing some tweets that are available through UI:




Thanks for the question, @1kon1k. We’ll take a look and update the thread once we know more.


Thanks again for bringing this to our attention, @1kon1k.

We have identified the following Promoted Tweets that you’re seeing in the UI (using the “All Tweets in campaigns” filter), but that aren’t being returned when making a request to the GET accounts/:account_id/promoted_tweets endpoint:

  • 747520249767989248
  • 769245047481073664
  • 769249054807162880
  • 769489726147469312

(Note: 769513828501557248 is not currently being promoted, so you should not expect to see it in the UI (using the filter mentioned) or via the API.)

In addition, it is not possible to see the campaigns or the line items that those Promoted Tweets are associated with. The affected campaign IDs are 5bks3 and 5t9qe; the affected line item IDs are 5jfnp and 62afr.

We think we have identified why there is a discrepancy, but wish to investigate further. We’ll update you once we know more. Thanks for your patience.


@1kon1k: These Promoted Tweets are associated with Promoted Trends campaigns, which are not available or supported in the Ads API. This is why the Tweets do not show up when making requests to the GET accounts/:account_id/promoted_tweets endpoint—this is expected behavior.

Could you please let us know how you associated Tweets with these type of campaigns?



We just noticed those tweets showed up in the Ads UI Dashboard but not in our reports when pulling from the Ads API. If they are not available in the Ads API, what API can I use to retrieve that data.

The biggest problem is that we are trying to reconcile what our users see in the Twitter Ads Dashboard and what The Ads API is returning.


Thanks, @1kon1k. We understand the desire to have parity between UIs. However, there isn’t a way to retrieve those “Promoted Tweets” since they’re associated with Promoted Trends campaigns, which are not supported via the API.


I just wanted to confirm that even at a campaign level we should not expect to see Promoted Trends Campaigns when using the Ads API, is that correct?


@1kon1k: You should not see anything related to Promoted Trends via the API. Thanks.