Missing millisecond value in created_at field


Hi there,

I’m building a project that requires using REST API user-timeline and to extract the created_at field value including the timestamp with millisecond. However, the returned value in the json file looks like: “Mon Mar 31 00:50:02 +0000 2014”. The missing millisecond value is important to my project.
Can you please suggest a solution to get the timestamp to include the millisecond? Such as including additional parameters when calling the resource API or using a different API?

I checked the html source code on my page and verified that the timestamp is in unix time, which is in millisecond, so there has to be a way to get that value.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


We don’t expose milliseconds via API or our UI for Tweet timestamps. All timestamps are to the second. For instance, for https://twitter.com/twittersecurity/status/453663328162684928 in our UI we display (in PDT timezone, i.e. UTC-7):

3:39 PM - 8 Apr 2014

In seconds since Epoch (not milliseconds) that is in the UI source, that’s:


From the API, we return the same timestamp detail (API returns UTC, hence the offset of +0000):

“created_at”: “Tue Apr 08 22:39:00 +0000 2014”,