Missing mentions (Web VS search VS mentions_timelines)



I tried to find the answer but without success.
We developed an application for our clients to retreive mentions of their account and integrate it in our software. We use the “REST API - statuses/mentions_timeline”.

But one of our client said that some mentions are missing.
In fact, result get by the API are coherent with twitter.com/mentions BUT there are more tweets with “@ouigoSNCF” that we do not find in “twitter.com/mentions” or using the “REST API - statuses/mentions_timeline”.

You can see that searching “@ouigoSNCF” on the Twitter WebSite or using the “REST API - search/tweets”.

How this could be possible ?

Thank you for your help.



Hello everyone,

Would there be someone to enlighten me please ?

Thank you.



Hello there, I encountered a similar issue with the mentions endpoint (I’m using the twitter gem https://github.com/sferik/twitter )

This tweet https://twitter.com/abdullah13131/status/906175741477478405 does not appear in @OoredooOman mentions through the API. Calling the mentions endpoint using a slighlty higher ID as max_id returns me those ordered IDs => 906220738771685376, 906178081349439488, 906154874865238017, 906153486588403712
As you can see 906175741477478405 should be between 906178081349439488 and 906154874865238017 but it does not appear.
i don’t have the opportunity to use the Twitter account to see if it appears in their mentions or not but here is 2 other tweets that have the same issue.

Maybe it’s related to your issue :slight_smile: If a dev could have a look it would be great :slight_smile:



I’m not sure why this might be happening for certain, but I have a couple of speculative ideas as to what may be going on.

First of all, Twitter is an eventually-consistent system, and depending on which backend instance you hit on any call, there’s a chance that data may not have synced between all our data sources, so some data may not immediately be present in a timeline. For high volume accounts with lots of followers I suspect that could be it.

Second option would be potentially if the Tweets are promoted for some reason, they may be geotargeted or not visible to followers etc.

Third option might be the account’s quality filtering settings having an impact on what the user actually sees in the mentions timeline, vs what is in the search API.

Can you provide concrete Tweet IDs that are expected to be in the timeline response, but are not?

Most solutions that want to do this kind of thing in a more robust way would use our commercial PowerTrack capability rather than relying on the user mentions timeline.


Hello Andy,

Thank you for your feedback.
I’ll take a look to the PowerTrack API.

I tried to find an example for the day of 27/28/29 Septembre 2017 without success. All Tweets I see on Twitter Website, I can see them in our client solution for now, weird…
I’ll continue to search one or more examples and will back to you.