Missing media entities using ROR Twitter gem search



I have successfully set up and been using the Twitter gem for ROR. I can pull tweets with a specific hashtag using the built in search method. However, if the tweet is truncated, it returns missing the media entity, as well as the extened_entities. As I am not directly making the get request myself, but using the gem’s methods, I can’t seem to add “tweet_mode=extended” to the URL, as everyone suggests. In “gems/twitter-5.17.0/lib/twitter/rest/search.rb” I have attempted to update the search method’s path from ‘/1.1/search/tweets.json’ to ‘/1.1/search/tweets.json?tweet_mode=extended’. This doesn’t seem to make any difference. I have also attempted to pass that option in directly to client.status(t, tweet_mode=‘extended’) when running the search. This also seems to do nothing. Any suggestions on where to go from here would be very welcome as I have exhausted Google without any luck.

As an example Tweet 864475967628091392


Very sorry you are facing this issue. Since we work with the platform team we cannot help with individual scenarios. I would recommend you speak with the author of the library you are using.


It looks like this issue may be related.


Thanks for taking the time to follow up with me here. I appreciate the link you dropped.