Missing media entities in the API result from time to time



we sometimes encounter missing info about img-attachments in the API result.


…these tweets are pretty similar, both 140 chars + img-attachment

API call using tweet_mode=extended

API result
785835592760328192 contains the entities.media and the extended_entities as well
785836022475132929 doesn’t contain the entities.media and the extended_entities is completely missing

FYI: the first report i wrote contained very detailed informations (e.g. api-results) but it got removed directly after publishing: Sometimes missing media entities in api-result

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I’m getting entities & extended_entities back for https://api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/show/785836022475132929.json?tweet_mode=extended both containing the media object



thanks for your efforts. i just tried it again (had the calls backed up - so i executed the exactly same calls) and you are right, now i receive entities & extended_entities for both id’s.

So i am affraid this is not reproducable anymore but we are seeing this problem from time to time and we have no idea how to fix it.