Missing installs


We noticed a discrepancy in ‘mobile conversion installs’ between your dashboard and API.
For example, account id = “18ce54fwiyw”, campaign id = “70ycw” on Aug 31st we see 2 installs in the dashboard while your API reports 0.
https://ads-api.twitter.com/1/stats/jobs/accounts/18ce54fwiyw/?placement=ALL_ON_TWITTER&metric_groups=ENGAGEMENT%2CBILLING%2CMOBILE_CONVERSION&start_time=2017-08-31T00%3A00%3A00%2B0300&entity=CAMPAIGN&with_deleted=true&end_time=2017 -09-01T00%3A00%3A00%2B0300&granularity=DAY&entity_ids=70ycw&segmentation_type=PLATFORMS

https://ads-api.twitter.com/1/stats/jobs/accounts/18ce54fwiyw/?placement=PUBLISHER_NETWORK&metric_groups=ENGAGEMENT%2CBILLING%2CMOBILE_CONVERSION&start_time=2017-08-31T00%3A00%3A00%2B0300&entity=CAMPAIGN&with_deleted=true&end_time=2 017-09-01T00%3A00%3A00%2B0300&granularity=DAY&entity_ids=70ycw&segmentation_type=PLATFORMS

We encounter this issue in many campaigns in this account and other accounts as well.
Can you please investiage it?




Where is your Account timezone?

And where are you based on?

The problem could be a timezone issue



Hi @hector_borras,
The account time zone is UTC+2, but we have been pulling data from this account in this timezone for a while, nothing changed. Until a few days ago we used to get the correct numbers but now we get much lower stats, like in the example I gave you.



Could it be that in your country you have changed from summer to winter time or vice versa?



Hi @hector_borras,
No, the timezone here hasn’t change lately.
We have stats missing for over a week back, so timezone cannot explain this.



Hi @hector_borras,

Did you have a chance to investigate the missing installs?
I have another example, account id - “18ce53yjxuy” campaign id - “7bc7m”, On September 3rd we now get 6 installs while a few days ago we got 72 installs for the same date and the same campaign.


Let me know if you need more examples.


Sorry @SapirSultan,

I’m not a member from the Twitter Ads API Team. I only help this community, so I’m not able to access to any data that is not from my clients and I don’t have more ideas.

The two main problems with stats are:

  • Only getting data from ALL_ON_TWITTER and not for PUBLISHER_NETWORK
  • Timezone issues.

And looks like those things are ok for you.

For sure some Twitter Ads API members will came to help you :wink:


Thanks, @SapirSultan, for reporting this. This is a known issue and our team is working to fix it as quickly as possible. Please note that this is a display issue only and that the missing conversion data will be restored. Thank you for your patience while we address this.

Big thanks to @hector_borras for engaging with and helping in this thread (and with the entire community!).


Hi @juanshishido,

Thank you for your reply!
Do you have an ETA for solving this issue?



Hi @SapirSultan,

This data will tentatively be restored by 9/14. Until that date, you will see missing installs over a rolling 3 day gap. I reviewed your earlier example, account id - “18ce53yjxuy” campaign id - “7bc7m”, on September 3rd and the installs appear to be back to original levels.



Hi @goforbrent ,

Thank you for your reply!
However, we still saw today cases on missing installs in multiple accounts.
For example, account id - “18ce53w4tvr”, campaign id - “83cmu”, on September 11th we get 1060 installs, while a few days ago we got 4,062 installs for the same date and the same camapign.

Can you please look into this issue?

Let me know if you need more examples.


Hi @SapirSultan,

Thank you for following up, there was a slight delay in batch processing. Data through early morning 9/11 is complete. We are now aiming for EOD 9/15 to be caught up.