Missing form option for API elevation request



Hi Team!

Our publish app has started to run into ‘User is over daily status update limit’ error. I read about elevated api access process (How to ensure continued elevated POST access after September 10th) but could not navigate my way through this step -

  1. Submit an elevation request on our API Policy Support Form :
    A. Select ‘I would like to apply for elevated POST limits.’
    If you do not see this option, you are not currently posting at a rate that would require an elevation.
    b. Submit the app details and a short description of your use case

We do not see the ‘I would like to apply for elevated POST limits.’ even though we are running into limits. This is affecting all users in our app as posts are failing for most users. Could you please guide and advice us on how we can fix this?

Any help here would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Hello. Could you please send me your App ID so I can take a look at this further?



Our App ID is 16100827.


@Hamza is there any update on this?


I’ve passed this information along to the relevant teams. Someone should reach out to you when they have more information.


Hi, Hamza

We have exactly the same problem ( _somprabhsharma reports)
We do not see the ‘I would like to apply for elevated POST limits on the dedicated page … maybe because we are redirected to a french page:

And it is really a problem for us, we are over the limit and our users are not happy.

Our app id : 12798229

Any help here would be highly appreciated.



Bonjour! Please try applying for access now. I made some modifications on my end.


Hi, Hamza

Thank a lot, it works !

I was able to submit our request this morning.

Have a good day.


Hi Hamza

Please correct me if I’m wrong but I believe I asked for the same support for elevated API access as did Thierry above. How come we haven’t heard back from Twitter yet on our case, but you were able to make modifications in this case? Our users have been very unhappy in the same way and we need critical support in elevating the API access. I apologize for my directness but please understand that the situation is very stressful for our users and us at this point.

Look forward to your speedy response.


Hi Som. We can’t comment on specific cases. Each case is unique, but I can confirm someone is actively working on your request.


Thanks for your reply and assurance that someone is actively working on our request, Hamza. Could you please put in a word for an expedited approval of the elevation? It’s been 15 days since we’ve been running into the limits and losing customers. Hope we can have elevated access before we head into the weekend.



Posting on the forums (or elsewhere) it not a means to gaining expedited attention to individual cases. Thank you.

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