Missing Domains Field


While setting up a timeline widget I noticed that there is no configuration field for Domains. There are several refferences to it but there currently is no setting for listing all the domains I plan to use. Is this something that Twitter recently removed? How am I supposed to list the domains if there is not input field to type into?


Hi Jay,

Domain mapping is no-longer requiring to configure an embedded timeline. The UI was revamped this week, and documentation should now be up to date not to reference the field any more. If you’ve found any stray mentions please let us know and we’ll clean up.



its all over the interwebs - there is no way to sanitize it all :slight_smile:

With that said I am still dealing with a problem where I cannot get this widget to work once its being hosted. It will load and work just fine if I load the page from the file system, but not once it is being hosted someplace. Which got me thinking about permissions and domains. There are lots of articles here that suggest adding domains and sub-domains to the white list to fix this problem - etc. So now youre saying that is no longer required? W00T! cool - why doesn’t this work then?


Actually - it seems like the html with the Iframe (et al) is being loaded - but the Body Tag still has display:none; and hides the panel.

I suspect there may be other things going on here on my end. I am testing this on an internal IIS server and there may be issues with our WebSense blocking any non https:// connections to Twitter.



Here is another very public server and a has no internal business restrictions and it fails to load.


seems to be working now - I found that my problems are stem from company policy blocking all non https connections to Twitter.

Close thread.


Still showing here https://support.twitter.com/groups/53-discover/topics/217-tweets/articles/20170071-how-to-embed-a-timeline


This update broke my feed somehow. I inadvertently removed my old widget code, and now when building with the new widget designer, it does not work. It just shows tweets @jamkoforce. I have messed with the code, removing and adding http://, instead of using the “P” variable that you have by default.

For whatever reason, when I look at the code after embdedding it, the “data-widget-id” is stripped. I am not a javascript expert, so maybe this is normal.

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Nevermind I fixed it.

If you are using a CMS such as joomla, your editor is the problem. It is stripping out the new javascript code. I can’t speak for wordpress, but in joomla, I just chose “no editor” for my user, and then pasted in the code, exactly as it is from the twitter widget, applied it, saved it, checked my live site. Good to go.