Missing documentation, bugs, and general feedback



Another post, sorry! I use Twitter’s streaming APIs extensively as part of both my PhD and startup, and I’m also helping a few undergraduate students who are using Twitter data for their projects, so these will keep coming as I notice them.

I can’t find any documentation for the user streams API endpoint (e.g. https://userstream.twitter.com/1.1/user.json). I’m aware that user streams are panned for replacement, but unless I’m mistaken, this should still be 6+ months out as described in Subscribe to your account activity, so it would be useful to have the docs for usestreams until the webhook is available for all.

Although the sample and filtering streaming API endpoints are documented, they’re not listed under “API Reference Index” which is where I expected to find them - it would be useful to see them added as a sub-item under API reference index or under a new “Streaming” category in the menu.

Overall, I find the page specific “tab” bar for each (Overview, Guides, API) to be somewhat cumbersome to use because it takes a large number of clicks to go from the main developer page to the actual API reference for something, and each click causes a reload. This isn’t a massive issue for the REST endpoints because the reference index is available from the main horizontal menu, however it’s an issue for everything else.

As an example of this, for the streaming API docs, starting from developer.twitter.com, I have to:

  • Use the main menu: Docs -> Documenation
  • Click Tweets in the sidebar
  • Click Sample real-time Tweets
  • Click API Reference in the page’s Tab Bar
  • Click GET statuses/sample

If direct access to the API documentations for streaming, the account activity API, etc. was added under the API Reference Index this could be a couple of clicks rather than 5. It’s mostly nitpicking, but it makes discovering the API documentation quite difficult.

Some other small things / bugs:

https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/tweets/timelines/overview - “GET statuses / home_timeline” appear to have a different font weight to the other 2 endpoints.

Clicking the “headers” (e.g. “Basics”, “Accounts and users”) in the sidebar menu doesn’t work on some pages. Console shows the following error on page load which seems to be the common factor:

docs.js:sourcemap:172 Uncaught TypeError: First argument must be a String, HTMLElement, HTMLCollection, or NodeList
    at o (docs.js:sourcemap:172)
    at e.t (docs.js:sourcemap:326)
    at new e (docs.js:sourcemap:322)
    at d02InlineCodeSnippetComponent.initClipboard (docs.js:sourcemap:58)
    at new d02InlineCodeSnippetComponent (docs.js:sourcemap:52)
    at app.js:sourcemap:13202
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at registerComponent (app.js:sourcemap:13201)
    at Object.../content/jcr_root/apps/developer-twitter/components/docs/d02-inline-code-snippet/webpack/index.js (docs.js:sourcemap:69)
    at __webpack_require__ (common.js:53)
o @ docs.js:sourcemap:172
t @ docs.js:sourcemap:326
e @ docs.js:sourcemap:322
initClipboard @ docs.js:sourcemap:58
d02InlineCodeSnippetComponent @ docs.js:sourcemap:52
(anonymous) @ app.js:sourcemap:13202
registerComponent @ app.js:sourcemap:13201
../content/jcr_root/apps/developer-twitter/components/docs/d02-inline-code-snippet/webpack/index.js @ docs.js:sourcemap:69
__webpack_require__ @ common.js:53
2 @ docs.js:sourcemap:3708
__webpack_require__ @ common.js:53
webpackJsonpCallback @ common.js:24
(anonymous) @ docs.js:sourcemap:1

I’ve noticed this on at least a couple of pages:


Don’t be sorry @JamesMcMinn - we need the eyes to help us find what we’ve (inadvertently) broken. Adding these to the list…

(thank you, again, for your patience, and support!)


You know, I was just looking for the user streams documentation too. Thanks for pointing it out @JamesMcMinn and thanks for the prompt response @andypiper. Hopefully the docs can be replaced soon as I’d like to experiment with something (though of course, I’d be happy to test the same functionality from the webhooks too, I just need more than DMs).