Missing document on deep linking to apps with app cards



I’m working on getting deep linking from app cards working for me but I’m at the stage where I have more questions than answers, and the documentation in this area is rather light. There’s a reference to a document called “Cards for Mobile Developers” on the page Optimize Tweets with Cards but that just leads back to the same page. Where is that document, or better documentation on deep linking?

Among the areas where I would like more information are

  • Allowable format of deep links (all examples use a unique scheme name)
  • Any log available for debugging?
  • Is the whole url including the query passed back to the app?
  • I only see a summary card in the validator. Should it show an app card similar to the one on the above-referenced page, once I get things right?

Example page is at https://shareakissapp.com/ecard?id=123. It validates, and curl brings back the correct page with, I think, the correct meta tags. (BTW you might add the -L parameter to the example curl command so that redirects will be followed; apparently the validator already knows how to redirect :wink: Also you should know that the shareakissapp url above works fine to deep link into my app when it is used outside Twitter.

Thanks for any help.


Never mind. I found out that Firebase Dynamic Linking is similar to Twitter App Cards in that it creates links that work in Twitter, with a visual component, and in other social media apps as well.

And unlike Twitter App Cards, it is easy to use, well-documented, and I got it working in one day after spending several wasted days on app cards.


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