Missing Description and missing on Android (works on IOS)


I have successfully got my app card to work on IOS however it doesn’t appear for the Android client. Also, the description is from the AppStore even though I have specified a custom one with twitter:description. The url is http://finalscore.bullardev.com


Hi @bullard_luke,

I don’t see any Twitter Card metatags here: http://finalscore.bullardev.com/Home.html

The description issue is a bug; we’re working to figure out the root cause and fix.


Hi Ryan,

The site has an index.html that contains the meta tags and a redirect to
Home.html so that’s why you can’t see them.

I assume that Twitter will handle that.




I’m still wrapping my brain around what kinds of redirects we follow vs. not.

Is it possible to put the card on both the redirect and the final page, to see if that helps?