Missing Apps in "Manage My Apps" Section


Hello, I work for an app development company called Aloompa based out of Nashville, TN. Over the past few years we have been creating twitter app profiles via “Manage My Apps.” Currently there are only 49 applications appearing in Mange My Apps, but we have probably created well over 100 apps. The keys and tokens still work within our apps, but the twitter app profiles are nowhere to be found. So my questions are the following:

  1. Does twitter have a limit on the number of apps you can create?
  2. If not, has this been an issue for others?
  3. Is there a way to fix this?

Any information you can shine on this situation would be helpful. Thanks so much!


Don’t have any of my apps there to. Not even newly created


I just 30 minutes ago created an application for “Sign in with Twitter” functionality for my new website, and now its gone. When I attempt to create the application again I’m greeted with “application name already taken”.