Missing a specific user's DM and my answers to him



We have a client (La Caixa, one of the largest banks in Spain and Ibex35), which uses our application to serve its users on twitter.

We have a case where we have not been able to get a DM that the user has written, but we have not been able to get the answer that the bank has given directly from Twitter. And we find it strange that we do not even have the answer of the bank itself.

In order to obtain the DM we make request by rest api following your documentation.
Is it possible for the user to have some kind of protection to avoid this? Because the public tweets he write mentioning our customer we all have.

But as I say the private, we do not have either sent in response by the bank, nor the client asking.

The user is: @baquerogon, and tweets are 07/02/17 - 08/02/17
And our client is @CABK_Responde


Are you trying to do this via GET direct_messages (which only goes back 20 DMs), or via GET direct_messages/show? Do you have the expected IDs of the messages?


The calls I make are with direct_messages.json, with the parameters: page, count, since_id, max_id

I can not do them with the direct_messages.json / show, because I do not know the id of the messages. Our customer saw that user had written to them directly from Twitter.

We always ask for the last private messages from the last id we have.

I worry because this is the only case that we have lost the messages of the user and our client (who has responded directly from twitter).

Is there any way to try to get them?
Or trying to know the id of the messages we do not have?
From the user can take their private?

I have not seen anything in the documentation



If the volumes of Tweets are high, then using this method (which I assume you’re doing on a schedule / periodic basis) you might miss some of the messages, I suppose, given the limitation on number of DM statuses that can be retrieved.


Effectively we have a process that makes the query to twitter every x time controlling the rate.
So far we have not lost any comment.

And we find it very strange that we miss the messages of that conversation, those sent and received to that user.


Could they have been sent and then deleted inside of the time window that your process is checking for messages? Could there have been more than the number of DMs that are returned by the API inside that window?


Hi, it’s possible that, in that strip we have more than 20 private, but we still find it very strange that just the comments lost are from the same conversation.

We are going to have it under observation and if it happens again we will ask to see if there is any way to control or trace it.