Missed Application Review Email


The original email associated with my developer account was not receiving emails from you. I’ve changed to a generic domain email and would appreciate any assistance in retrieving any missed emails regarding my developer account application review.


Hi @gzwdev1 - the last email we sent you was on 9/1/2018. Did you receive this one? And if you did receive it, I suggest you respond to it. Thanks.


I’m sorry but we did not receive it. Can you please resend it to the email that is now confirmed with this account?


@gzwdev1 - what email would you like us to send this to?

The email linked to your application contains --ev1@goz-- Is this the right address?


No, we’re having issues with receiving email from twitter. The email associated with this forum account will work.


What email address would you like me to pass onto the team then? Feel free to send me it via Direct Message on this forum, to avoid sharing it publically.