Mirrored account


Hi, a bit of an odd one this. I set up my account @celebsmallmouth to showcase my graphic design skills. Since setting this up it became quite popular but someone has mirrored my account and is posting as myself. The mirror account is @celebmouthsmall, they’ve copied my screen name, profile picture and all their tweets are images downloaded from my account that I have created and reposted as their own.

What’s odd is that I have approx 4k followers yet they have 21.6k followers yet have only tweeted 6 times, so I can’t work out how they’ve achieved this. The account is clearly a spam account, is masquerading as my account and I assume is set up so it can start spamming people.

Can the account @celebmouthsmall be taken down for the above reasons, as although a jovial subject matter I’ve spent a lot of time creating the images only for someone else to repost in a mirror of my account? I’ve tried submitting the “someone is impersonating me” form but unfortunately as I’m not being impersonated personally, only my Twitter account is, it does not seem to apply.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.