Minimum and Maximum length of tweet id?


I need the minimum and maximum length of the tweet id, e.g:

Since when i take all the tags out of the xml document, it returns some ID’s that’s about 6 in length, and it’s not a valid tweet ID.

Any ideas?


First – if you’re using an XML response format you’re using a deprecated version of the API that will stop functioning next month. You’ll need to move to API v1.1.

Tweets created in the past couple years have 64-bit integers for IDs. Tweets created prior to then can be of varying (lesser) size.

Be careful you’re not munging IDs by using a language or environment unable to consume 64 bit integers. Usually this means Javascript or Actionscript.

Consider staying safer by using the string variants of our IDs rather than the integers. In JSON responses, that’s the id_str field.