Migration from one Twitter app to another


We have multiple twitter apps. Right now we are trying to merge all of these together.

Imagine we have apps A and B and the user Alice.
We get idA from verify_credentials using token for the app A.
We get idB form verify_credentials using token for the app B.

Will idA be the same as idB?


If both apps are logged in to Alice’s account, then the id for Alice is the same in both cases (it is static, unique and immutable).

If you’re talking about the user token for Alice’s account, that would be different and specific to each of the apps.


Yes, I’m talking about id. Thanks a lot for your help!


@andypiper one more question: what is the correct process of migrating from one twitter app to another, so that user won’t see 2 apps in their settings?

We want to completely abandon one of the apps, so how can we properly transfer all the userbase to the new one? Are there any recommendations?