Migrate to new Ads API, get previous metrics



Some metrics from the past API are not available on the new API V1.0 response,

using entity 'ORGANIC_TWEET’
missing at response : organic_tweet_detail_expands, organic_tweet_favorites

the same when using entity ‘LINE_ITEM’ many past metrics we used are missing…
how could we calculate these metrics from the new response?



Hi, we will be releasing a v0 to v1 migration guide very soon which should explain differences and reduce confusion here. Thanks for your patience, but as one explanation the API now will try to intelligently return the appropriate metrics per the placement type given.



Looking at the V0->V1 mapping page, I see that “organic_tweet_detail_expands” which existed in V0 is now N/A in V1.

However, I see that this metric exists in the Twitter Social UI.

How do we pull the equivalent metric in V1? I assumed that if it exists in the UI it should exist in the API.




Thanks for pointing this out - my understanding is that now we are trying to closely match the same “engine” that powers the ads.twitter.com UI so I would like to confirm if you could view it somewhere there (I can only seem to find it upon analytics.twitter.com).

I will definitely raise this within the team, and feel free to quantify the impact this metric has on your business directly to your partner manager/program manager that you work with at Twitter.




As @JBabichJapan mentioned, here are the guides: