Metrics from promoted tweets don't add up to campaign metrics



I made one campaign with a single promoted tweet through the UI (and a single line item as well, though that is implied because I used the UI).

The UI shows that I received 2,829 impressions for the campaign, but only 2 impressions for that promoted tweet. How is that possible? If I add up all of the metrics for all of the promoted tweets under the campaign (in this case, only one), shouldn’t they be equivalent? What would account for this large discepancy?


If you found some problem with the Twitter Ads Dashboard you should use the HELP button on the TOP-RIGH hand side



@hector_borras brings up a good point. Once you click help, you even get the option to live chat with a support person. Should help streamline your issue close to instantly.


ah, didn’t know that existed, thanks everyone!


@obscyuriy: please let us know what you find out. I experience the same thing.


@majoritasdev I asked the live help, apparently this can happen if it’s a follower campaign. I don’t have the exact explanation handy, but in those cases, the metrics can come from the promoted tweet OR from the “Who to follow” section of twitter. In this case, the metrics wouldn’t be associated with any specific promoted tweet.

I asked if this was the only situation in which the metrics from followers wouldn’t add up to the campaign metrics, and the support person said that yes, this is the only way this can happen.

Statistics differ from the values you can see in

Thank you, @obscyuriy!