Metrics for Tailored Audiences



We are looking for an API endpoint to be able to gain the metrics associated with tailored audiences that are uploaded and used in a campaign. Is there an api endpoint that allows us to get this data on the analytics of a campaign?


Hi @Gardee32! Tailored audiences are used for targeting a campaign. The analytics data can then be retrieved at the campaign or ad level Please take a look at - I think this is what you are looking for.


Thanks! Does that analytics data become available through the api with the Basic or Standard level stages of developer access of the Twitter Ads API?


Please take a look at the description of the 3 levels of Ads API access at As far as I understand, access to the analytics data is given starting with the Basic level.


@Gardee32 @majoritasdev that’s correct.

As you progress through the program you do get access to higher rate limits, but the type of analytics you have access too doesn’t change. You have access to all ads analytics endpoints available to you now and you should look at the promoted tweet, line item or campaign associated with your audience for related metrics.

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