Metadata are not fully loaded and thus card not shown correct



Although following link contains all metadata (title, image, etc.) for a card it is not correctly loaded and I don’t really know why.


It shows following card:

That corresponds to the metadata of instead of

My webhoster is and they are using CDN. I would be very glad if you could help me with that.


Header/Caching guidelines

There’s no og:image or twitter:image meta tag.

The og:description and twitter:description tags are both broken since they contain too many “ characters, breaking the markup.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, sorry, that was a bad example. This article does not have an image.

However, I changed the code in order that all " characters are removed from the og:description and twitter:description tag now. But the problem is still there.

For example:

The article has also no image tag. However, that corresponds to the metadata of instead of I put the article befor in the validator and everything was fine. But when I post it it shows

Pantheon said it might be a header/cache issue!?

I would be very glad if you could help me with that.



There’s no twitter:image or og:image tag so there’s no image, as you’ve noted. I’m seeing the correct title and description in the cards validator.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your answer.

Yes, in the validator it is always working … and after validating also on the website. But without validating it shows the metadata of

My website automatically posts the news every day. I can’t validate several news cards every day in order that they are correctly shown.

Please look at without validating. It shows

That is not correct. It reflects the meta data of



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