Meta fragment


When I submit an ajax url that has only a hashtag in its url (f.e. then your crawler doesn’t recognize the fragment meta tag that is present on my webpage. I thought that when the fragment meta tag is present on an ajax url that then the bot also knows that it can request a static version through the escaped_fragment parameter (f.e.

Does your bot support the fragment meta tag?


escaped_fragments are used by the Twitterbot only when a shebang (#!) is found in the URL, not just a hashtag. Your URL would have to look like this to expect that behavior:!patent/EP2636723A1


I already fixed this issue like you mentioned but support for the meta fragment tag isn’t supported by the Twitter bot…


I’ve noticed a few similar reports on other discussions here. Is the URL above (with the shebang) an example I can forward to engineering to investigate?


Now it works perfectly if I use f.e:!/patent/EP2636723A1. But my original solution didn’t support the hashbangs and I did only include the meta tag:

But I noticed this didn't work, so I updated it so I now use hashbangs.