Meta description, og:description and twitter:description


When I implemented OpenGraph tags on my site, to avoid duplicate mark-up, I added the og:description property to my meta description tag.

<meta name="description" property="og:description" content="descriptive text here" />

However this is not working for Twitter Cards. I know they will fall back to supporting Open Graph properties but they seem unable to do this when the tag has both a name and a property attribute.

ERROR: Required meta tag missing (twitter:description)

Is there a workaround other than duplicating the description?


Is the content not empty?
I came across same problem before, found I was putting empty string to content.


Thanks but the content is definitely not empty.

However, I tried switching around the order of the meta tag attributes and it now seems to work.

<meta property="og:description" name="description" content="descriptive text here" />