Meta data or Function to call Permission Acces


Hy i am newbie,
i want to ask how to get meta data or function to call permission acces application code ??
its display in
This application will be able to:

  • Read Tweets from your timeline.
  • See who you follow, and follow new people.
  • Update your profile.
  • Post Tweets for you.
  • Access your direct messages.
    Will not be able to:
  • See your Twitter password.

because i want to develop a new page ini my application, to call its permission acces (able and disable) to validation with checkbox by user.

sorry my english make you confuse, thanks


Start with looking up some OAuth 1.0a tutorials. It’s a horribly convoluted system, but there are also prebuilt libraries out there which you can have a look at if you want to implement them or make one from scratch.


sir, do you know that?? to call permission acces need developer code … to call This application will be able to / no able to … to display to my new page?


? I wouldn’t have suggested it if I didn’t know it…


can you give link tutorial oauth ?? and oauth v 1.oa work in api now?? oauth v 2.0 is new,


Twitter has been using OAuth 1.0 for sign in for years now - they have yet to fully implement OAuth 2.0 for anything other than client authentication as stated in the documentation. As for links to a tutorial, I’m sure you are familiar with google.