Message Button Title not functioning


Hi all,

I run a hardcore guild in FFXIV and I am trying to embed a message link to our “recruitment” tweet & website post. I have the website part down, but I would like to “title” the button in the tweet.

As it stands, when I include the link in a tweet, it looks like this:

What I would like to be able to do is change the title or display text of this DM button from “Send a private message” to something a bit more fitting, like “Apply now” or etc. I’ve tried looking around all over the API site as well as the “Ads” site but I can’t really find anything - I saw Denny’s do this in a promoted tweet so I certainly know it’s doable but I can’t figure out where.

Edit: I found the Denny’s tweet in particular - available here:

This looks to be a card from, but I have no idea how to make it, I can’t find any DM Card on the site.

Any assistance is appreciated.


That new card is described in our recent blog post and currently only available to a few advertisers during the beta. At the moment there’s no way to customise the DM deep link that you’re using any further, sorry.


Ah, understood. Is there any ETA on when it will roll out to all Ads users?


Not at this time.


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