Message button on website doesn't open target thread in native app




I would like to confirm if this behavior of the message button on website is expected: When opening through the native app, it directs to the Messages list screen, not in the specefic thread pointed by the recipient_id.


I’ve just clicked a message button included in a Tweet in the iOS app, and it opens a new DM conversation with the target recipient. Is this on the web, on Twitter for Android, or something else?


Yes, message button is on a website, and is configured to open the DM composer with a predefined message. It is working as expected on desktop with Twitter website, but if on Android, it opens the Twitter app in the Messages screen (just tried again). So user should pick again the recipient from the list. Click and scroll down until

Can’t confirm on iOS.


Does the target account have open DMs? (“Receive messages from anyone” in account settings)


I just enabled it, but still doesnt work.
Is it working on iOS?


Yes, I’ve just tested it on iOS and it is working as expected.


Could it be an issue with Android version? I just installed Twitter app on another phone, same unexpected behavior.


It could be, I have not been able to check on Android myself so far.


Where can I submit this as a bug to Twitter?


This will do, but I need to confirm with a colleague. If I can can confirm this is an android issue then I’ll log a big internally.


Fine, waiting for your feedback. Thx


I’ve confirmed this currently appears to be an issue with the Android app, and I’ll report it. I do not have a current timeline for any sort of fix. Thanks.


Ok, Thanks. Will you however get back to this thread once fixed? Or should I frequently check for an update?

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